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Not entirely sure I'm up for forking out 20 on material I already have, especially as behind the scenes stuff will bleed into the Waki, Transformation, etc. and probably actually isn't all that interesting, especially as the guy with a habit of revising history to make himself look more awesome is editing.

One of those odd things that's only of interest to people who already have most of it; really think the nostalgia will fade once you're talking a tenner a copy. Trust me, I have the good fortune to work with people who order the bloody things.

Wouldn't actually be surprised if this one doesn't make it past regional; it's usually about the third issue that people start doing the maths and work out how much their subscription is likely to actually cost versus rounding up the Titan trades; the main reason the Marvel one got through was that a fair percentage of the books reprinted aren't actually dirt cheap in other formats whereas there are Forbidden Planets out there using copies of Showdown as coasters.
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