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The Dredd one is still going, these things (especially the more niche ones) usually ust stop appearing in newsagents after a while.

Furman has apparently announced he's editing and that they're not just going to be the first reprints to treat all the Marvel comic as just one series, they're going to try and present the American issues as we saw them, with the appropriate changes (I'm assuming the appropriate dialogue differences rather than splitting things in two and altering every use of "color").

Presumably this will depend on if it does well enough during the trial for them to get a budget that means not just using the recent IDW Marvel US stuff (and as such, how the American issues appear could wind up one of the differences between the trial and the main run, I suspect they'd just go for a straight reprint when testing the water. Of course the first issue will give a good indication with the changes to the stuff about Prime's injury...).
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