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The issue of the somewhat lacklustre battle is a common issue for MTMTE for meand I've kinda accepted it. I'd see it as a flaw but its a flaw by choice from the writer. Roberts seems to want to focus less on the pyrotechnics and more on the sparks between his characters and to be honest, for the most part thats fine.

But every now and again, a bit more action wouldnt go astray. I felt it in The overlord breaks out issue where I thought the battle between Magnus and overlord should have had a few more panels to even things up would have helped and a few more panels of Overlord running wild would have cemented how dangerous he was.

Similarly here, I think a bit more could have been made of when the Autobots start to loose their powers. As they were all so cocky, I think it would have been a great scene if one or two let their over-confidence get the best of them and had them destroyed by the cons. I think Roberts was aiming for quality over quantity in terms of his deaths but the fact that the cons killed no-one made them seem like less of a threat and did take from the drama. Swerve, Ten, Drift, Whirl - anyone of these would have made an excellent sacrifice.

I must say, I didnt mind the DJD being taken down so easily. I've always thought that they were always way more about their own hype. Not weaklings but what we were shown of them didnt imply that they were as invincilbe as their legend indicated and I think that was perhaps the intention of Roberts. The Alt-Lost Light bit can be explained away in many ways. Otherwise, their victims almost defeated themselves by believing the myth (a bit like the fandom if I'm honest)

But overall, this has been a superb 5 issue arc imo. Some bits could have been done different to my own tastes but each issue has felt solid and relevant. Great stuff. Thinking about it, it's redeemed a lot of the folly of season 2 (dont get me wrong, I've enjoyed it, but it had some serious dips) I'd love to hear what the plans where before the events of Dark Cybertron put Megs into Roberts cast because its worked so well I wonder was this always the plan to bring him to the lost light.

Also @Slag - that Prowl/ Megatron thing has legs. Both are manipulators, both dont quite fit the idealogy they are linked to, both are presented as master planners and both like to flip tables.
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