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So how can something so densely plotted, so character rich end up feeling so unsatisfying? That's the main issue I have with this arc, and this issue in particular. It hits the right beats, it gets you right in the feels (read pages 16-18 and try not to feel anything), it's twists and turns in this issue are many and logical within the context of the story but.... that's not enough.

There was precisely no tension at all, and that all boils down to this: in a fight between 500 Decepticons and the 20-ish Lost Lighters, the 20 odd inflict dozens of casualties and fatalities whereas one Lost Lighter bites it at the hand of the enemy. I've said it before but there are multiple instances where one of the more principle characters can die and Roberts has failed to pull the trigger and he's backed away from it. Oh, sure, Skids died but he willingly sacrificed himself for the greater good. And somehow 500 Decepticons could only manage to dismember Ravage? Get. The. F***. Out.

With that said, I'm genuinely glad that pretty much every dangling plot thread got tied up, genuinely didn't like Terminus, Roller et al coming back from the dead, liked Tarn's reveal to be Glitch, didn't like that most of the cast got relegated to background fodder for most of the issue.

However... somehow, some way Roberts should be recognised with some sort of proper award not dished out by a website (sorry Comics Alliance) for the way he's written Megatron in this season. Again, just my view, but he's the best written Transformers character in any fiction by such a large margin, but one of the best characters in comics today and I think that that should be noted and recognised outside of the Big 2 studios

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