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Smile IDW News: General Post Revolution News Thread UPDATED 22/7

From Newsarama (who use a somewhat clickbaitey "Barber Out" headline as if he's been sacked when it seems to be entirely amicable). He's still going to be writing his books, but on editorial we've got Denton Tipton back as Senior Editor and the unfamiliar to me Sarah Gaydos directly responsible for the Hasbro stuff.

There's a degree of irony in that it seemed like Roberts was the one seriously considering his future in the run up to season 3, and frankly I'd rather Barber have stayed on as editor (which he still excels at) and stopped writing (as he's felt a bit tired there for a while). Though less responsibility might mean more focused work, it's telling two people are replacing him.

Though hopefully his fancier sounding title means Tipton will be very hands off. His editorial decisions, Wreckers aside, were mostly in a contest with Andy Schmidt to see who could be the most piss poor. Andrew Griffith did a tweet of things to be thankful to Tipton for as an editor and until he got to Wreckers I though he was being completely insincere.

It does, if not completely kick the legs out from, then at least badly cripple the idea that Revolution was an entirely IDW idea driven by Barber rather than something worked from a very careful Hasbro mandate. "Here's this amazing thing I've come up with and I'm really excited about and now I'm off before it even really gets going like some sort of a Leave supporting MP!"

For all my increasing Ex-RID apathy he'll be missed as editor though, he's basically overseen what I think will be looked back on as the real golden age of IDW, some of the best ever TF comics, a generally higher standard even on the weaker stuff and a much needed common sense approach to things.

UPDATE: General news on the renamed titles and creative teams:

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