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Only just spotted this thread now. I can't see any way in which this would be a good idea. Any attempt to pretend that their long-running TF and G.I. Joe series are in the same universe after stuff like AHM and Optimus Prime trying to conquer the planet are going to come off as frankly insulting to both readerships.

I get that the idea is to try and force people to read all their books by doing frequent storyline crossovers, but for me at least it'll have the opposite effect. If I need to read five other books to understand what's going on in Transformers comics, then more likely than not I'm going to stop reading Transformers comics, because I don't give a damn about any of Hasbro's other properties.

The constant crossovers, and nothing important happening except as part of a crossover, is one of the main reasons I don't bother with modern superhero comics. Transformers books were cool because they were off in their own little world and weren't being bothered by anything else. Hasbro had already started to ruin that with their annual "derail all your ongoing plotlines for three months to shill toys" events, and I can only imagine how bad it's going to get once they start roping in all these other toy franchises as well. Unless they can really surprise me, this'll probably be it for me and IDW's books.

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I suspect he's the one who decided that merging all Hasbro properties into a single universe was a good idea.
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