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I can't really chime in here with any great authority, as I'm only just really starting to get into the IDW stuff - I know a lot of you guys have stuck with it for ten years and are more emotionally invested in it than I am.

One thing that put me off Marvel stuff is the constant hyperlinking to other books, like "Oho, Dr. Insane, I thought you perished in the volcano in Thor #274", "No, you're wrong! I was rescued by the alien Zog in Web of Amazing Spectacular Spider-Man #12, and then given a new body in Uncanny West Coast X-Factor #72. Oh, and if you'd read Ultimate New New Mutants Volume 3 issue 7, you'd know I prefer to go by the name Dr. Mega-Insane now!!!"

I'm worried that if I see Action Man pop up in a TF book and mention some previous meeting, the OCD in me will want to go buy all the Action Man trades just so I get the full story, know what I mean? Gah, I'm a marketing man's wet dream, falling right into the trap.

The cynic in me says that Transformers is being used as a crutch to support things like ROM or Micronauts which don't really have the same global appeal. This can be a good thing - if not for the success of the Avengers films we may never have gotten Guardians of the Galaxy, so maybe by piggybacking on Transformers we may get a decent Action Man strip that could surprise a few people.

Count me in as cautiously optimistic, especially as someone who used to love MASK back in the day. I recognise that people are fearful that it might bugger up Transformers, but I guess we won't know if it'll be a success until it happens.

I pity the poor wiki editors who have to sort all this lot out [reads entries for G1 Wheelie and G1 Tracks again, then compares the word-count of the Ian Rimmer article to that of the David Willis article], oh, actually no I don't.
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