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I can see some of these working in the same universe (IIRC they already said that M.A.S.K. was going to be a G.I. Joe spin-off anyway) but only if they were STARTED that way and were planned that way from the ground up.
Throwing them together in a Crisis on Infinite Earths style storyline is not going to help them in the long term however IMHO. Chances are it will hurt all the properties because:
A) I think people are getting sick of shared movie and TV show universes.

B) No other than Marvel and the people running the DC TV shows on the CW have figured out how to it right.

C) The problem is that all the previous continuities with The Transformers and G.I. Joe that IDW already has done and inherited from other publishers, and the fact that neither of those properties have ever worked well together without being completely bat-shit insane stories or just plain awful.
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