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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
The overwhelming desire to make absolutely everything part of a shared universe is one of the Top Sixteen Things I Hate About Modern Culture, You Won't Believe Number 7.
Especially as so many of them (including this one) seem to miss what made the Marvel films succeed with the general public: They didn't assume prior knowledge and gave each of the main heroes at least one film to establish themselves so that there would be anticipation for their big team up.

Rushing straight into the mesh up with some characters that a large part of the audience aren't going to care about (presumably it's not going to be the version of Action Man who is actually in G.I. Joe as it mentions him as a separate thing, so is it "Yay, we can vicariously live the thrill of killing Germans!" 70's take? Hunter from Gladiators take?) is like going straight to orgasm without foreplay.

Do Serious Joe fans still look down on Transformers? This'll give them kittens.

*Agreed with Mr. Flammery about Stone's poor luck.
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