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Smile Revolution: IDW and the Hasbro Shared Universe.

As is now commonplace, IDW are doing a summer event that will link all their current IDW properties firmly into one shared continuity:

Not a huge amount of information is currently available beyond the franchises involved (Action Man?) and that it won't negate current continuity for those series that are already up and running like Transformers.

But based on the current info both there and in Chris Ryall's tweets today:

This will be achieved in a way that will make sense of obvious disparities like G.I. Joe not noticing All Hail Megatron (so some sort of multiple realities meshing has to be the only likely explanation).

After the biweekly series is over, Ex-RID will be reverting to issue 1, MTMTE will be "Relaunched" in some other way (? It's a garbled tweet tbh due to trying not to reveal too much), but Till All Are One will be carrying on without an almost immediate reboot. Indeed, as Sara Pitra-Durocher had to send an email to Chris Ryall after the announcement to check she was still in work (as possibly did the Micronauts artist as there was a reassuring tweet about him as well) it looks like that book is being kept completely out of the loop.

It will then carry on like the Marvel Universe (you know, the one that partly removed Transformers from its continuity because there's no way giant alien robot invasion wouldn't have become everyone's top priority) with the characters from all the franchises running into each other every so often.

It all feels... a bit driven from on high by Hasbro and possibly without much advance notice (launching a new ongoing right before the Big Push rather than with it seems odd) and whilst there's been no Captain America fandom style reaction there is a lot of mild confusion and worry. Especially with the (unintentional?) tone of a lot of James Roberts tweets lately (about how Dying of the Light would make a good finale, how he's looking forward to full disclosure interviews when it's over...).

My main worry here is simply that most of the Big Events IDW have tried with Transformers haven't been very good and that the only one of these properties with any real weight to it beside TF's is the one that does regular crossovers with it anyway.
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