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Originally Posted by Ryan F View Post
At least they didn't call him Kathy.

Zombie Thread Alert!!!

I just finished reading this, and, I gotta say, it was a bit of a slog. Hope it gets better than this going forward. This was high on build-up and low on everything else. It was so uneventful, I would probably have stopped reading the IDW stuff right there if not for a) everyone waxing lyrical about the James Roberts stuff I am months away from reading and b) I have spent shedloads on a full set of the IDW Collection hardbacks.

This just felt like the pre-credits teaser from a Bond film, stretched to fill seven issues. Does the good stuff start now?
I'd forgotten to reply to this till it was mentioned on twitter that you were still carrying on. Yeah, it does slog doesn't it? And it's very 2005, which isn't automatically a bad thing--G2 is very 1995 after all--but it does feel its age.

I wouldn't really recommend starting there to anyone interested in the IDW stuff, if only because there's so much stuff since it's almost like starting Spider-Man with Amazing Fantasy 15 and going onwards from there. I'd always suggest Last Stand of the Wreckers as a good try out for people, despite brimming with fan wank it's basically standalone, rattles along, has layers as well as action and is genuinely good.

Reading everything is basically for the already converted rather than a good way of getting into it.
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