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So, let's put some thoughts together then:

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking hell. The moment Getaway first appeared on screen and it twigged what was going to be over the page. That is probably the best plot twist we've ever had in MTMTE. And it works! I don't know if "Everyone turns against Rodimus" was always part of the long term plan or if it was something that was come up with post the Megatron decision, but it's something that could only really have worked in this situation. Of course everyone aboard would hate Megatron that much. We've been saying it since season 2 started that the general acceptance made no sense, and behold it made no sense.

This basically justifies and nullifies my biggest complaint about the book (and, as Terome pointed out to me on Facebook, the drastically shrunken new crew deals with Cliffy's issue about the size of the cast. By strange coincidence Cliffy went all Biblical on one of my retweets at exactly the same time), Roberts is such a bastard.

Doing Time Wars on my website has been a good reminder that you shouldn't judge big issue number epics until they're done, but as an issue in and of itself this may have been just about perfect in every way, looking for flaws is hard. The scene between Megatron and Velocity felt a bit "Oh shit, these characters need a moment quick!" (though it was nice in the backup to have Roberts remind--possibly even establish as far as IDW are concerned?--Hoist also does medic stuff so as to make sure Getaway doesn't look insane for getting rid of the accident prone crews only doctor) and Milne's Starscream and Scoop looked odd... but that's about it.


Megatron's class (as Thunderclash seemed to be getting along with Megatron and seems like the last person who'd mutiny, what happened to him? Actually, was Perceptor amongst the traitors? That would be hard as well)!

The Holly Hop teleport drive!

In an issue that generally asks us to have sympathy for Megatron it's still careful to show us his remaining darkside with his reluctance to help organics.

When shit gets real, Ravage knuckles down and acts as part of the team with no snark.

Swearing! Perfectly judged as well (also removes the last barrier between the content of Eugenesis and the current comics. If not for Death's Head you could do a hypothetical "Official" reprint of that book with no qualms now).

One thing I suspect everyone is going to overlook because of what comes afterwards is the empty hollow interior of the planet. What can it mean?

Getaway. What a bastard. This also means the page of this issue I created myself at the signing last week in crayon had at least one totally accurate prediction on it (Getaway actually quite enjoying himself). Come to that, it also had swearing and the backup strip's confirmation that it's really all been about the pub. I may sue.

Whilst I can understand why the crew did what they did, there's some heartlessness here. Ten is basically doomed for liking everyone equally (and Magnus a bit more), he couldn't even have answered Getaway's questions. Unless it was phrased as "On a scale of one to ten, how much would you disagree with a coup?". I also read it as Mainframe's "Suggestion" was Ten, but everyone else seems to have assumed it was Whirl (who I'd have thought would have gone anyway as muscle), so I must have misread that.

Also, Velocity and Rung are punished for following their SPACE Hippocratic oaths and treating all patients equally. Which seems harsh (though if you want proof Rung is an appalling psychiatrist he totally misread the mood of the crew there).

My main worry going forward is the possibility of the reset. There's some big names amongst the Lost Light crew, having them turn out to be treacherous bastards (even with good reason it's a massive betrayal of not just Rodimus but the reader. No one should recover from this) is as bold a change as ending the war was. If it sticks, that would be amazing. But Megatron has his time case and the backup establishes a nice weak area in Swerve's that it could be used in. Is some historical rewriting about to occur?

Or, is Getaway lying out his arse and the betrayal is the result of selective memory re-editing on his part? Will the memory triggering device on the Necrobots planet be used to put things right?

Let's hope not.

On the flashforward, I'll make my guess that Megatron is the one threatening the crew as part of an elaborate bluff to throw the DJD off by making them think he was faking his Autobot switch for EVIL reasons all along (we've established Tarn is a slave to bureaucracy, if there was some formal reason for allowing the six hours thing, he'd be obliged to go along with it).

On the second story... Just lovely in every way. And it got everyone in there! Considering Pipe's luck I suspect we'll at least briefly meet a short aquatic triple changer early in season 3.

Yeah, good stuff.
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