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Spoiler note

In a quick summing up, Great dramatic issue, reads at a very fast pace with lots of little character points along the way. Art is lovely, back up strip is great as a stand alone piece and then with a nice link to the main story at the end. Dialogue is at the top of its game.

I'm not sure how I feel about the Getaway twist. I mean I really like the twist but I couldn't help but thnk that its a stretch that so much of the crew backs him - and what they effectively do to the Autobots who are trapped along with Megs is incredibly barbaric when you think about it. I'm amazed Hoist and Blaster go along with this. I think I might have bought it more if it had of been a character who was there from the start and had built bonds from the beginning. Certainly I could buy them wanting to sacrifice Megs but the idea that they would sell a fairly sizable party to the DJD is... hmm.

Needs a re-read. Its a thumbs up issue but I'm not sure how I feel about the twist - to be fair though it was done really well. It's hard to imagine things going back to a status quo after this.

Not saying it wont happen.
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