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Our new manager at work is called Michael Burke. He younger than me and British so there's little chance his parents hadn't heard of the news reader when he was born. Which means they thought "Hey, he's already got a surname that will see him bullied every day at school, but that's not enough! If we give him the same first name as the only famous Burke out there we can add to his misery and pain and maybe that will drive him to the lofty heights of supermarket management".
At least they didn't call him Kathy.

Zombie Thread Alert!!!

I just finished reading this, and, I gotta say, it was a bit of a slog. Hope it gets better than this going forward. This was high on build-up and low on everything else. It was so uneventful, I would probably have stopped reading the IDW stuff right there if not for a) everyone waxing lyrical about the James Roberts stuff I am months away from reading and b) I have spent shedloads on a full set of the IDW Collection hardbacks.

This just felt like the pre-credits teaser from a Bond film, stretched to fill seven issues. Does the good stuff start now?

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