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So with Ratchet and First Aid gone, and Ambulon and that medical droid dead, who are the medical geniuses who will be putting Thunderclash, Froid et al together again? Was the implication that the same happened to Rodimus too? And there's still someone technical enough on board to disable Getaway like that, too.
That's what's her name, Velocity. And I did enjoy how Rodimus' reaction to being scrunched up into a ball was to basically crack on as normal.

Also the Thunderclash splitting in half scene reminded me strongly of a Thunderclash centric scene in Robert's Eugene's novel.
Ooh, yes. Hopefully that clumsy bastard Ultra Magnus will keep his hands well away!

the same fandom that, when reading in comic the moral dilemma of selling a brain damaged Grimlock for cash batted no eyelids, but drove Roberts off twitter for a month when he dared ask the same question and wanted a vote on it because then it was offensive to the disabled
It's this idea that if a character performs an action, then it must follow that the writer then approves of that action that gets me - what boring bloody fiction we'd end up with! I take solace in the fact that it must be a (very) vocal minority who get upset about things like this - the vast majority of people who read the comic are, I hope, capable of actually reading.

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