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I'm not sure why but I found that final panel utterly horrifying and depressing. I'd been drinking, admittedly, but I just stared and re-read that final epilogue over and over for about fifteen minutes. It sickened me.

I'm not normally that sensitive!

However, I am capable of understanding when a writer wants me to feel uncomfortable. For instance, with Getaway's predicament - you're absolutely supposed to go whoa, hold on a mo, that's nasty... Of course, as pandagork pointed out, some members of our fandom have a problem with ambiguity* of any kind and James basically had to spell it out in tweets, but ho-hum. I must admit, I was very surprised at the 'controversy' such as it was.

*This is the fandom, remember, that interpreted the line in Beast Wars, "Welcome to the dark side", as referring to the ship rather than just being, you know, something bad people say.

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