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On the DJD, I assumed this was before he joined them (if not before they existed), hence his name being blocked out last issue, he hadn't assumed the mantle of Tarn yet. Though I'll admit to having forgotten to check if anyone calls him by name in flashback here so I may be wrong...

I think I was the only other person to care enough about Atomiser to ask. According to James he's alive and locked up elsewhere.

And as a mature man, I won't do a joke about where they shoved the bow.
this is the panel in question. Skids fills in the blanks from the second sentence of the last bubble. From this we can make an educated guess that he recognises the commandant from his voice, but he doesn't bring it up again

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I do like Tarn's "younger" and more elegant design, and it looks like he hasn't developed his transformation craving at that point. It also looks like the DJD are not formed yet at that point in time [which would make it take place before SL: Thundercracker].
he definitely goes from vehicle mode to bot when Skids is first shown fixing the gas chamber, I mean teleportation chamber

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70,000????? I don't think either will be getting cancelled any time soon then?
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