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I will admit to being a tad disappointed with the issue. I have read it around 4 times by now just to see if my opinion would change.

Besides being the 3rd or 4th time that something evil is lurking the corridors on the LL, and the 3rd time in S2 at least that a horror setting is up [biggest fan of horror films in the room mates, but not so frequently!], there's something missing from the overall story that left me a bit disinterested.

It felt...too short? Way, way too short? 2 rooms short? Because the story just goes from bay hangar to prison to bay hangar again, in the span of a few pages, and that's where it ends.

Nice "cop-out" with Getaway's "injuries". I must admit that I must be the only person that actually likes the guy anymore His precision injuries are horrific but make perfect sense considering his skill set. Wonder what happened to Atomizer.

Can't understand what is up with Froid---am I the only one that thought that his whole role in this issue made no damn sense? Why oh why take out the bar locks AND the handcuffs of the villain willingly, then run around with the heroes?

Tailgate's newfound powers don't make much sense but I'll bite, as it's probably the continuation of the experiments that Sentinel did in the past, only this time they're done right.

Loving Megatron's development, although he could not have picked a worse moment to undergo that. I do find it interesting that he repeats the exact same mistake from 4 million years ago---just taking it to the extremes. If it's not unrestrained violence and pre-emptive aggressiveness, it's pre-emptive pacifism. It's interesting that he is reverting, or has reverted to his pre-war stance though.

On Skids and Tarn, the whole flashback was underwhelming. Don't get me wrong, it is horrific and despicable, but after so much gore and punishment and psychological torment and and and, this seems like a relatively tame thing in comparison.

Although I will recognize that it's not the actual "crime" itself that Skids is upset about, it's his guilt over it. This is probably a fan obsessing over it in his head for years, but it would have been...more suitable, if you will, that Skids was actually the undercover Vos, having to massacre bots like that, that pushed him over the edge, set up as an undercover agent by Prowl.

On Tarn, again, fan with expectations, but this is yet another moment of "ohhhh maybe...? nah no". I still maintain he is Roller but Skid's line of "I wonder what goes on behind his mask" had me double-guessing myself for a moment. Blacked out moments aside, I was under the impression that Skids -did- recognize him last issue, but there was surprisingly little angst and "how could you do this".

I do like Tarn's "younger" and more elegant design, and it looks like he hasn't developed his transformation craving at that point. It also looks like the DJD are not formed yet at that point in time [which would make it take place before SL: Thundercracker].

He appears "stable" at that point, what with no addiction yet and no [on screen] second thoughts and guilt. I wonder if there's any significance with the Miner bodies he has strung up his wall...

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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