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Those Skids flashbacks... blimey. I don't think anyone was expecting this to be the reveal of who Tarn reeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllly is. Instead it suddenly turns into a story of the guy who built the showers at the Nazi death camps. A bait and switch that resulted in some extraordinarily powerful imagery, and probably the highlight of the three parter.
bait and switch is usually incredibly bad, and all the clues seemed to be leading to one of two conclusions: who 'Tarn' really is and what did Skids do to Quark. And yeah, I didn't see what he actually did coming at all so I have to give kudos to Roberts for doing it. Another thing - I guess now Chromedome and 'Tarn' are the only ones who know what Skids actually did? I presume with the DJD taking centre stage for issue 50 onwards that it's going to come up there, presumably with Brainstorm (where's he been?) finding out.

I didn't initially realise what they did to Getaway but assumed they'd just ripped out his voicebox and totally missed the missing limbs. And the Tailgate thing: well his spark was juiced by a combo of Cyclonus own spark and his Great Sword, no? Which makes, I'd presume, Cyclonus some sort of outlier if it works like that?
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