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Well that was more like it! Mainly because it pretty much totally ignored the stuff I didn't like about the last issue (though dense as I was I just assumed Getaway had been strung up like that by Sunder. It was only reading the wiki synopsis that made me realise the Autobots had done that to him to stop him escaping. Sensible, but boy Brainstorm really did get let off lightly didn't he?).

As noted the "Thing stalks the ship" plot has been done before, but the fantastic dark art and the fact it was mostly not an action piece but a tension building exercise made it feel just different enough. And Sunder's ripping people apart gimmick was tremendous fun (though presumably non-lethal if Rodimus got better?).

Highlight of the present day scenes was everything to do with Megatron. Yes we're obviously heading for his words to be badly undermined very soon, but there was still power to his refusal to use a gun. Great scene with Rung as well, even if I was shouting "For God's sake man, he's a terrible psychiatrist who was struck off for a reason, let him go!".

The shame here was Rung's ships didn't get to be what wrapped Sunder up, I'm sure super Tailgate will have signifigance down the line, but it would have been more dramatically pleasing here to have the character most connected to this plot get to resolve it.

Those Skids flashbacks... blimey. I don't think anyone was expecting this to be the reveal of who Tarn reeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllly is. Instead it suddenly turns into a story of the guy who built the showers at the Nazi death camps. A bait and switch that resulted in some extraordinarily powerful imagery, and probably the highlight of the three parter.

I'm still not entirely sure what to make of this story overall (needs a reread), but as an issue this pretty much hit all the right, bloody and dark notes.
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