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The DJD thing is awfully backed into a corner and there's seemingly no resolution that will leave either readers or Hasbro satisfied. If they kill Megatron, then what? If they in turn get killed, how do they manage it seeing as the five of them pretty handily slaughtered the alt-LL crew without breaking a sweat, and now they have Deathsaurus and his merry band of Breastforce miscreants with him.

As for this, I *actually* like Sunder. I just really don't care for Rung, or Skids or Tailgate or Froid. I think all of their "arcs" are hopefully done and some of the other 190-odd members of the crew can get some face time

Also, I hope that Roberts decides that Dominus Ambus should be Tarn and not Roller. That would redeem this sorry arc in my opinion

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