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I actually joined this year, solely because I'm crazy about Combiner Wars and so need me a Thunder Mayhem and a Predacus (although these are the only ones that have ever made me sit up and take notice, to be fair). I've actually been quite happy with the two issues of the magazine they sent me: one had a lovely piece by Jim Sorenson in it and the other had an interview with the guy who designed the combiner wars figures (although the comic strips were terrible, though). I also got a friendly and quick reply from Brian Savage when I emailed the club with a question. So, speaking purely from my admittedly limited contact with the Club, I personally have had nothing but good experiences.

That said, I can totally see why a lot of people would be cheesed off: the credit card shambles (which they didn't admit to for a while, IIRC), the 'head no fitty right' Asian impression, overcharging on postage, misassembled figures and the whole 'no selling 3P figures in your own personal hotel rooms' edict. So yeah, can totally see where the glee is coming from.

I dunno, I just look at some of the exclusives, like classic Red Tracks, Battlechargers, Battletrap, G2 Ramjet and so on, and I think, well, in amongst the repaint misfires there have been a few gems along the way, which we wouldn't have had otherwise.

So a 'mixed feelings' kinda reaction from me, albeit, as I say, with the caveat that I only joined the club when the latest Subscription Service was announced.
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