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Promising prospect, assuming they get to work with a full franchise wide of material and Hasbro keep the **** out of things. The cartoon's habit of convenient reset buttons mean there are a load of fun ideas there, with lots of various points to kill off Prime and/or the Ark crew.

Ironically the Marvel comic wouldn't be so rich as the bad option tended to happen, though some chaos theory ideas might be good - what if Grimlock plain old killed Blaster on the moon, decided he didn't need Optimus and carried on leading the Autobots to apathetic disaster.

IDW's material is too easy. What If... The Monsterbots Had Their Own Personalities?; What If... Furman Had Actually Mapped Things Out?; What If... The DJD Actually Lived Up To The Hype And Killed The Lost Light Crew Apart From One Who Was Conveniently Dead In A Parallel Universe?

Actually, in fairness a LSotW one where Impactor bullies Prowl into sending in a transport to pick up Squadron X and it causes a galactic war would be a bit interesting.
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