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Which surely just makes them data discs? I'm all for digital music but MP3 players, decent-sized computer hard-drives, all music being free now and all that jazz effectively makes CDs just expensive and inefficient to my mind; they're too shit to be a physical manifestation of favourite music and not useful enough to be convenient (remember balancing your personal CD player on public transport like some sort of robot waiter?).
It's an artificial distinction -- optical media is just data storage. The discs are simply a backup and proof of purchase/ownership.

In the same way I might watch the special features on a DVD once, if that, inlays that aren't incredibly fascinating go in the bin. As do shit extras discs. The music's what's of interest.

I do generally listen to albums rather than tracks these days, but that's because stuff that isn't consistently good gets ignored unless individual tracks are really good but what's around them isn't as much. And whilst I like, say, the first three Eels albums as listens, the rest is patchier and I put most of the tracks that wound up on the official Essential together years before they did (and disagree with other selections). It's nice when things come perfect and fully formed, but **** artistic pretensions about songs not also being like LEGO. **** artificial restrictions and reverence, they went out of the window with magnetic tape and recording things off radio.

In terms of perspective, I'd go with music generally being a soundtrack rather than an event.

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No bonus tracks. If it was good enough to be on the album it would be on the album.
I miss the days of singles coming with slots for bands to experiment, get creative and occasionally hit on standalone or sequenced but eclectic gems, personally. These days songs often get released solo and there aren't many triumphs along the lines of the Lightning Seeds' Ready or Not backed by Another Girl Another Planet and Whole Wide World, or Mighty Mighty Bosstones' The Impression That I Get with a double punch of Is It and Storm Hit. Or pretty much every single and EP the Wildhearts released up to and including Endless Nameless before Ginger started believing his own legend. Or even stand out cover versions such as GnR's Sympathy for the Devil.

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Do you think that's true of any storage medium? The higher the density, the higher the failure rate?
Essentially yes. Or where the media is expected to degrade under normal use because reading the information is a more physical process, such as with punch cards or vinyl.
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