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One with the Matrix
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I'd agree with the sentiment that the film has the soundtrack it deserves - polished OTT FM friendly pomp-metal of the day. You can keep Weird Al though.

Having not seen the movie since ...pfft , 1987 ish? I found the soundtrack in Virgin Records (who they?) on import in Leeds in 1995. It cost me 16 and even now I'm wondering why I paid that for it. I remember listening to it at the time and thinking how horribly dated it sounded - that weird disconnect between the '80s and '90s when there was a definite shutting of the door on some aspects of popular music. Probably not helped by '90s metal being a bit more aggressive and slightly less ridiculous than the stuff around in the '80s. All of which made this a purchase I wasn't so proud of. 16. F**k me. What was I thinking? Probably not much more than "oh, hey, something Transformers related!"
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