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I think the soundtrack works as a soundtrack to TF:TM, a somewhat melodramatic, uneven cartoon based on a kids' show with a couple of bits of the absolute best things in the franchise's history and a lot of the worst.

In that context it works, and watching Prime drive away from his apathetic troops to his death without Stan, Ironhide take quarter of an hour to realise half of his crew are dead without "Instruments of Destruction" or not having to decide which of Ron Friedman or "Twat" Al Yankovic deserve to die the most while the runtime's being filled on Junk is unthinkable.

But I can never, ever see myself going "Hey, I'll put a record on. How about some Spectre General?". Digital files cover the morbid curiousity to some extent but what goes for the film goes for the music in symbiosis - there's no point whatsoever in listening to "The Touch" unless Prime's running over Coneheads while it's on.

(all that said, the number of times I've turned the film off when Optimus dies probably now outnumber the times I've actually watched it all the way through)
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