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Default Untold Marvels - "The Middle Years" (4)

The Untold Marvels series presents another page of the G1 Marvel Uk "The Middle Years" comic adaptation.

Featuring Trannis, Emirate Xaaron, The Quantabots, Scorponok, Straxus, Clench, Jhiaxus (not really), the Fortress of Kolkular (from "The War Within) and the Tellesuri Expanse (from "Seeds Of Deception"), this episode has truly "more references than you can shake a microchip at"!

The original text story chronicled the events happening on Cybertron after the departure of the Ark and Nemesis spacecrafts (with their relative crews), 4 million years ago, leading up to the notorious Operation Volcano in the Target: 2006 saga.

Lineart and project by Navtej Heer.
Colors by Joe Teanby.
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