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The colour certainly helps Ironhide; I do think it'd be very, very hard to do the big, blocky featureless animation model as a transforming toy without a budget-busting number of flipping panels. Bluntly G1 Ironhide isn't a character I've ever particularly warmed to so I can deal with a less than perfect toy at Takara prices to round out the line-up.

The scale alone means I'm probably out for any future Minibots, though. I like Bee as a toy and will probably get whatever they come up with for Cliffjumper because I should probably own a toy of the chap but the extreme tinyness means there's no way they'll be displayed next to the rest of them. It's a shame because Bee's design could quite easily scale up to about shoulder height of the main cars, cut out the extras (or make them exclusives or something) and they could still probably justify the price-tag. Basing size comparisons on the G1 cartoon is insanity; are we going to get an MP Huffer scaled to fit in MP Hoist's cab?

Okay, that would be cool, but you know what I mean.
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