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I always felt that the "Vok are the Swarm" idea was just a creator going "Yeah, sure, why not?" in response to a convention question. One of the issues of the show is that it becomes very obvious towards the end that no one involved really had any idea what was going on with the aliens and were just making it up as they go along, them being cheerfully prepared to firebomb Earth at the end of season 1 really doesn't make sense in terms of their "Protect the timelines" attitude in their last episode.

Plus, they're clearly the Vorlons.

I'll believe a shared film universe when I see it, TBH. It's still just too expensive to do well IMO (hell, Bay needed a ton of money from China to make the last); sounds more like a contingency plan so if/when TF5 flops or Cullen dies or GM hike up the Camaro price they can bring out a fresh cast. Any spin-off would surely still be Earthbound and feature humans heavily for simple budgetary reasons, which would make them basically indistinguishable from the main films.

I'm really not sure there's a market for it, even - part of the reason for the box office of the four so far staying so high is that it's the only transforming robot series in town as a film every couple of years seems to satisfy everyone. The last thing any film studio wants to be doing right now is aping Marvel IMO; superhero films and cinematic universes are hurriedly reaching saturation point and in a couple of years there are going to start being some big reverses. Best that Transformers keeps to its' USP.
Yeah, it's depressing how many people seem to have looked at how Marvel managed to do what they did and completely missed the point of how it worked.
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