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I'll believe a shared film universe when I see it, TBH. It's still just too expensive to do well IMO (hell, Bay needed a ton of money from China to make the last); sounds more like a contingency plan so if/when TF5 flops or Cullen dies or GM hike up the Camaro price they can bring out a fresh cast. Any spin-off would surely still be Earthbound and feature humans heavily for simple budgetary reasons, which would make them basically indistinguishable from the main films.

I'm really not sure there's a market for it, even - part of the reason for the box office of the four so far staying so high is that it's the only transforming robot series in town as a film every couple of years seems to satisfy everyone. The last thing any film studio wants to be doing right now is aping Marvel IMO; superhero films and cinematic universes are hurriedly reaching saturation point and in a couple of years there are going to start being some big reverses. Best that Transformers keeps to its' USP.
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