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Fifteen years ago I'd be dead against the idea of Quints. But now I'm basically ready to listen to anything other than Primus.

Though I'd prefer something original over both; after 30-odd years of huge variety the mythos behind Transformers is starting to congeal to a set of boring universal facts; Bay's just the kind of man to stuff a hand grenade in that sort of thing's mouth and drop-kick it off a skyscraper.

Regarding him directing it's a case of "who else?". Paramount want to appeal to the millions of people who went to see the last four, not a few idiots who think knowing Christopher Nolan's name makes them a film expert. And for Bay it gives him more leverage for doing other work; it's basically the same thing Steven Soderbergh does.

Regarding success and reception Bay continues to do good work of utterly confounding doubters (you don't have to go far through any old threads for 2/3/4 to find someone saying Bay got lucky last time and this one would be the disaster) while simultaneously showing most film critics to be old media relics with little to no connection to actual cinemagoers. Most of the ****s watch the things on DVD for a start.
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