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Ok, since this is the Transformers 5 forum, I want to throw my hat into the ring. I honestly believe we will get a Bayesque version of the Quintessons here. Why? The "hands" of the creators were seen early in the AoE and were not overly gigantic-clearly shattering the idea that Unicron NOR Primus could be the creators in this installment. The hands resembled the hands of the Fallen, and were located in their funky weird star ships with weird lights.
Honestly, the Quintessons would be very believable since the G1 cartoon (and comics) gave the creator job to the Quintessons ,and why they built Cybertron. Also, Cybertron, according to Bay, was NOT Primus, but a hollowed-out K'nex piece that imploded on itself in DOTM. The Quints would lend themselves also to current movieverse design, which could prove frighteningly well, with the Fallen as a loose model for design ( add the multiple faces).
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