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Default Dead Man Wade's Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

Looking to unload some stuff, so please pause and consider my wares. In the process of adding some things as I am in the midst of a large reorganisation of my house, and am constantly finding things that I want to move on to a good home.

All sale prices are USD, and flexible. If you have something on my "looking for" list, please feel free to contact me about it by PM. I would gladly trade a pricy owned item I don't want for a relatively inexpensive one like TF: Prime Soundwave; you'd honestly be doing me a favor.

Paypal preferred, though I am willing to accept other payment options depending on need. Shipping is $8 in the US, $12 internationally.

Thanks for looking.

For Sale:

RID Air Attack Optimus Primal - $40
Loose, complete figure in excellent condition.

Energon Downshift - $15
Loose and complete. Excellent condition.

Titanium War Within The Fallen - $15
Loose figure. Good condition; only defect is a little looseness in the back part of the tank tread panel.

Beast Machines Blackarachnia - $7
Loose figure in great condition.

Generations Fall of Cybertron Starscream - $20
Loose figure in great condition.

Generations Thundercracker - $20
Loose figure in good condition. Left wing (in robot mode) slightly wobbly, but not significantly.

Robots in Disguise (current) Deluxe Optimus Prime -$7
Loose figure in mint condition.

Combiner Wars Optimus Prime - $12
Loose figure in mint condition. Only ever bought and opened as a placeholder for Silverbolt; since then, he has sat in vehicle mode.

Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure Sentinel - $80
Loose figure in excellent condition. Comes with one cable currently, though I am looking for the other and will update when I have done so.

Marvel Legends BAF Galactus - $50
Complete figure in very good condition. Only slight defect is some slight bending of his helmets...things.

Marvel Legends BAF Onslaught - $30
Complete figure in excellent condition. Always found his face unsettling personally, as it's his evolved form, meaning he has mandibles and kind of looks like a cockroach.

Looking for:
TF Prime Megatron (regular, not First Edition)
TF Prime Skyquake
BW Optimal Optimus
BW Rattrap
BW TM2 Megatron

Please feel free to shoot me a PM if you're interested in anything.

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