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Thanks, Warcry. I did pick up CW Optimus. There's some minor QC issues with the paint, a small spot of grey in the midst of red, and two bubles on the roof. Other than that, he's a decent figure with a few minor flaws in each mode. I'm hopeful that most of them will stand out less with Motormaster's more unified color scheme.

The truck looks great and rolls well; the only issue is the combined mode chest on the back sticking out. The bot has a small head, though you can flip out the gestalt head and use that instead. It's a little oversized, but not by much. The torso mode is the weakest. The head sits on a flat piece that folds out, but doesn't sit flush against the body, so you see a gap between the head and torso.

The decision to make the Legends figure optional means the torso has to work with or without it. Both versions look OK, but I think if they'd commited to one, they could have made that one look better than either look now.
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On the subject of the "Masquerade" team, I think I have a fairly good idea of the mould choices.

Mirage = Drag Strip
Prowl = Streetwise (the light bar mod being for the Dead End mould swings it away from the Lambo)
Sunstreaker = Breakdown
Ironhide = First Aid

Hopefully all with new heads, of course. Anyone have any other thoughts?
The Optimus combined mode is refered to as Ultra Prime, and the head looks like a hybrid of Optimus Prime's and Ultra Magnus'. Maybe they'll do blue and white limbs to match UM's, like Mirage, Jazz, and Tracks. Gears is blue and red instead of blue and white, but red still works for UM, so he might work as the Offroad repaint.
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