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Hey guys,

I'm starting a huge clearout of a majority of my collection of modern, vintage G1, Diaclone, Binaltech, Movie, Animated, 3rd Party and pre-production stuff. I can't handle posting it all at once so I'll be trying to sell things in about 10-bot blocks, especially the low end stuff. Eventually it will all end up in here so check back regularly and subscribe to the thread if I have something you want and you've seen it on the blog or in an article
  • All prices are GBP
  • All payment must be by PayPal gift/friends & family option, my feedback speaks for itself
  • I will ship anywhere
  • Discounts are available for multiple purchases

The following items with prices listed are UK posted prices only - please inquire for international. If items are on eBay then postage is accurate

- MP-25L Masterpiece Loudpedal MIB unused, only the stickersheet has been removed and used, the mirrors are still sealed in the baggie etc, 55 posted

- Hasbro MP-9 Rodimus Prime totally complete with Offshoot, one knee is broken but I will include a die cast repro set of knees 53 posted

- G1 reissue Encore Jazz complete with paperwork, 18 posted

- G1 1986 Sandstorm complete - rare 1st release metal toes version but has one small broken clip at the rear 25 posted

IDW MTMTE #30 BotCon exclusive black and white cover by Guido Guidi - 8 posted

IDW MTMTE #7 Retailer Incentive cover (Shockwave) - 5 posted

Cheers for looking, can provide pics if required! Would ask for payment in GBP as Paypal gift and a little extra if anyone wants tracking. Trying to keep them as cheap as possible. Can deduct of course for people who want to pick up in person.

A lot more of the typical high end stuff I have on offer can also be found here:
Square One: Hello Goodbye (B/S/T)

All the best

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