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Pretty sure the Wakinerds did decree that while Brawn uses elements of the Defender he actually draws bits from several models (cf. Huffer and Gears). So don't say otherwise or either we'll have one of the bastards in here boldfacing and italicing all over the place or you'll get added to the stack of twattery that is their page on common misconceptions people who don't spend all day reading and editing the Transformers Wiki have about Transformers. That said, the Miserable Three all had original alt modes which weren't really superdeformed; I don't think them not being real vehicles will put Takara or buyers off if the MP Minibot concept has legs.

Regarding the alt modes I'm skeptical it's going to be sportscars only. It makes sense to launch the line with the sexiest cars because that shows off what MP does that, say, Classics or BT didn't - nice licensed vintage alt modes. But BT started out with a modern sports saloon ethos and ended up slinging out the Scion once they got going. I don't think Lambo fans are a big part of the audience. Genuine question - was MP-10 licenced?

The licensing is there because Takara want to do G1-accurate alt modes. They can't do what they did in 1982 and just sling out a model Countach now because they'd get sued to ****ery (as Marlboro have already shown. I doubt the licence cost is particularly crippling because you can get licenced diecast toy cars for two, three quid still.

Have I missed something about an announcement about the alt modes being in scale? Because I'm pretty sure they're already not quite there in the same way the G1 cars weren't in scale. Genuinely think they're going for robot mode scale based on the G1 cartoon (so Hound will probably be about the same height as everyone else rather than much shorter).
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