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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
personally I missed MP-10 and will happily jump at a normal colour version with, I dunno, a little model of Chip Chase or whatever).
Takara is doing a straight re-issue of it in May. Don't think it's going to come with anything new, but tis a good way of getting one for non-stupid prices.
Megatron frankly doesn't, or we'd have seen miscellaneous variants or at least a reissue of the first one at some point between its' first release and the line being revamped.
Well, there was that recent random gold tinted release. Still not sure why they did that.

And as much as I'd like them to have another go at Megatron, hopefully taking more than 2 weeks on it this time, I think I'd actually rather see an MP Galvatron at this point. Magnus needs someone to go toe-to-toe with.
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