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Yup, and MP-10 is only a couple of years old; Takara will probably eventually milk the mould for at least as long as MP-1; I'd wager it'll be kept going as long as MP V2. Prime's got the pull that tweaked variants can sell to casuals on their own merit while also snaring completist maniacs and tidying up on those who missed the last release (personally I missed MP-10 and will happily jump at a normal colour version with, I dunno, a little model of Chip Chase or whatever).

Megatron frankly doesn't, or we'd have seen miscellaneous variants or at least a reissue of the first one at some point between its' first release and the line being revamped. Reckon he'll come out around the time of figures that have "retail" repaint potential (Ratchet/Ironhide, Inferno/Grapple, Trailbreaker/Hoist) so the budget's nice and in the black.

I'd probably bite for a to-scale Megatron with the caveat he'd basically be an Action Master for me so the robot mode had better be good. Would prefer Shockwave or a downsized robot-scale Seeker, though.
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