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I guess I'll wait and see what the price is when he pops up on Japanese sites before I decide whether or not I'm getting one. The G2 homage makes it pretty close to a must-have for me as well, especially since I already have G2 Sideswipe and those two were in my top-five favourite toys when I was little.
That was quick...was able to preorder him at Anime-Export for around $15 less (including shipping, based on the estimates they give for the other MP cars) than what Robot Kingdom would have wanted.

I'm glad they lowered the MSRP from the first MP-21. Charging the same for this little guy as the full-sized cars was downright extortionate, IMO. The price for this version is much more reasonable.

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That definitely looks like a nice paint to me. Small pic yes, but it doesn't have the shine or reflectiveness I normally see on chromed stuff.
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I do have to agree with Warcry, in pictures, even of toys in hand like the one Denyer posted that haven't been photoshopped to buggery like the official ones, the colour just looks oddly wrong for Bumblebee. It should be a more vibrant yellow rather than the borderline orange, I don't think he's ever looked like that in any media.
So I'm not going blind after all? That's a relief!

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Could possibly pivot the entire back roof piece around 180 degrees. Suspect it'd need a remould and be a bit fragile. Seems like it'd definitely work as a custom, though.
They might make it a separate accessory too, like G2 Sideswipe's extra set of shoulder wheels.

I do wonder if this release says that they're not planning a Goldbug, though. With the wide swath of available colour schemes, I would definitely be a little bit surprised to see them do two that are so very similar, much like G2 Sideswipe made a Deep Cover much less likely. At the very least I'd expect to see a few other colours first.

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Could go for either Redbee or Hubcap, personally.
The one that would really make me go nuts is G2 Hubcap, but something tells me that's taking things one step too far.

I am very curious to see if they retool this into a cutesy Porsche or Mazda, though. On the one hand you'd expect them too because it's cartoon-accurate, but on the other hand it would really go against the "fully realistic licensed cars" theme they've devoted a lot of energy to. I half-expect them go crazy and try to get cartoon Cliffjumper out of a real-world Porsche (which they could probably do, though I suspect it'd be a fiddly mess).

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