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Could possibly pivot the entire back roof piece around 180 degrees. Suspect it'd need a remould and be a bit fragile. Seems like it'd definitely work as a custom, though.

Pic from


Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
The list is pretty deep for this mold, isn't it? Aside from the original and this, there's Goldbug obviously. And red Bumblebee, which a lot of folks will buy as a Cliffjumper stand-in. Then Glyph and Bugbite, and I suppose there's a ton of Latin American decos too. So they definitely won't be hurting for ideas. But like Sideswipe, I doubt they'll put out all of them.

And that's before you consider the possibility that they might reshell the thing as Cliffjumper, Hubcap and Bumper, which is probably a 50/50 proposition.
Could go for either Redbee or Hubcap, personally. I like the design enough but am pretty sick of the BB character / archetype (more what it's become than what it was originally) which is partly why I went for a 3P Goldbug and haven't been thinking about this current redeco as him.

Will still probably snag one of these if I see a good price or it gets knocked off.

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