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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
EDIT: After looking at pictures of Offroad again, that may not work for First Aid after all. But the gist is the same.
The robot mode is pretty close IMO. The alt-mode being a pickup truck makes it a bit more interesting, though. I suppose they could remold him into a rescue SUV, but the extra mass would make the legs pretty clunky.

Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
If they want to recycle an entire team, maybe redo the Stunticons as Autobots, like in Masquerade.
That's actually in the offing too according to some of the rumours flying around.

Originally Posted by Unicron View Post
As I recall, the Protectobot listings included several of the normal names, plus a new one: Rook. I forget if that was in place of or in addition to the normal 5.
I think that Blades, Streetwise, First Aid and Rook were listed as Deluxes, with Groove as the Legends figure to compliment the group. So he's still slated to be a part of Defensor, just not a limb the way he was in G1. Looking at the CW Legends so far, I guess he'll either be the gestalt's chestplate or gun.
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