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Yeah, the Protectobots can be reworked just from what's been shown so far: Streetwise as one of the Stunticon cars with a lightbar, First Aid from Off Road, and Blades from the helicopter Aerialbot. They could even cheat and have Groove be a car too and reuse another Stunticon. That'd really just leave Hotspot, who could be another version of the Prime / Motormaster mold.
I think they'd leave Groove as a motorcycle they can retool into Afterburner. I certainly hope that 4 out 5 Protectobots aren't just Stunticon retools. Some mold reuse is understandable, but they'd need to mix it up a little. If a team's going be made entirely out of reused molds, those molds should come from a variety of teams. If they want to recycle an entire team, maybe redo the Stunticons as Autobots, like in Masquerade.

The Stunticon and Arialbot they've replaced were the same ones left out of the Kre-O combiner sets. I wonder if that's a coincidence, or if they plan to revamp one member of each team. I know 4 member Kre-O teams were required by the combiner design; I just wonder how much thought they put into who gets left out.
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