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I wouldn't be so sure about MTMTE going unscathed by this whole Combiner Wars thing. It's quite possible that they'll use MTMTE for tie-in comics for later waves. All 5 Protectobots are part of the Lost Light crew currently, and I could easily see some of the shown off combiner limbs being retooled into them, with some new molds tossed in (I see Hot Spot being done as a ladder truck like RID Prime, with Onslaught being a retool switching out the ladder rig for a big ass cannon).
Though I expect Roberts' efforts on the combiner front would end up being better, as he'd have more lead time to develop the characters and make their becoming Defensor a natural progression rather than 'here's a plot device and now people can combine'.

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Also, I've been calling it since the Constructicons showed up in RID with a giant Long Haul -- five man team with a Voyager Long Haul as a chest. That was why they got rid of Scrapper, to promote a god damned new toy.
If they killed Scrapper so they could promote a new toy, that is some crazy long term planning. He's been dead what, three years now?
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