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Taking a look more closely at them, here are my thoughts on each individual one:

Silverbolt: He's basically the original G1 toy with articulation, isn't he? He's even got the super-long gun down. Like Warcry said above the Aerialbots generally have better robot modes but have really kibbly jet modes. Not particularly interested -- one Silverbolt toy that transforms into a jet with a compact robot under it is enough for me.

Air Raid: is it me or has he changed his alternate mode from an F15 to... something else with swept-wings? The F14 Tomcat I think? Regardless I think he looks pretty nice.

Skydive: Skydive's lost those lightning bolts on his wings! NOOOO! I'll still get him because I really do like Skydive's character, but between the funny-looking head and the lack of lightning bolts he's really making it a hard sell.

Fireflight: He's kinda cool. Nothing to complain about.

Slingshot: Like Warcry said, he's basically Vortex -- I didn't even notice that he has a faceplate instead of a mouth. I'm not quite sure of this technique of swapping out every fifth member for something with potential redecoes in the future, but Slingshot is the Aerialbot I don't care about since he's a little shit, so yeah. Far more excited about potential Vortex, Blackout or Spinister redecoes this mold can spawn. That is an awesome looking gun, though.

Motormaster: Never really been a fan of Motormaster's original design, and this is a nice update. I need him so I can latch Blackjack onto him. The mold works a lot better as Motormaster than as Optimus Prime, and he does have a cool sword

Breakdown: Uh, yeah, he looks like Pat Lee drew his face. He looks kind of disappointing to be honest despite being initially excited by him. The white just looks unappealing. He comes with a sword because...?

Dead End: Do like Dead End's car mode! His robot mode looks extremely generic, though for whatever reason he seems to wield one of those exhaust pipes from a truck. And it's vaguely shaped like a nightstick. Maybe a future Streetwise retool? Just have him face the other way a la Sideswipe/Sunstreaker and you'll have it.

Dragstrip: Dragstrip is the prettiest of the four small Stunticons. Not much else to say.

"Wildrider": It's really, really weird. Other than being mainly black, he doesn't look like Wildrider. Wildrider is supposed to have red as a secondary colour instead of blue, and his alternate mode, while appropriate for Wildrider's personality of crashing through things, doesn't look anything like his original G1 altmode.

Maybe it's telling that he's not released as Wildrider, since IIRC it wasn't that long ago that we had a Wildrider as part of the Animated Botcon set. It could just be them using a planned mold for First Aid or someone down the road and later redeco Breakdown or Dead End into Wildrider...

I disagree with the Ruckus statement, between the alternate mode, the face and his role in MTMTE, he looks more like a potential Crankcase to me.

Blackjack: Blackjack loses his mouth, but is otherwise an immaculate update of the original Micromaster toy... and he gets a rather silly-looking axe to boot! It's a totally random choice even if it's one that makes sense to make the original roller car that came with Motormaster as a transformer... I'm not complaining, since we're getting a new Blackjack toy. Even if he's not named that, he still fits Blackjack so well that it can't be anything else except for him. Car mode's a bit disappointing.

RID toys in general we haven't seen the non-kiddified toys other than Bumblebee (and I don't need another one of him) so none that I want.

EDIT: And can I say how happy I am that the fists seem to be additional parts instead of stupid integrated not-hands like they tried to do with Fall of Cybertron Bruticus?

EDIT2: Link for RID trailer. Personally not a big fan of the aesthetic... it looks clunky, and doesn't have the realistic gritty feel that Prime has, nor does it look absurdly cartoonish enough to be Animated. Regrettably we see the return of stock footage transformations. Less regrettably are the return of Ground Bridges from Prime, and what appears to be a Golden Disk. Optimus Prime is like a ghost or something. There are new Skids-looking generics. Eh, I suppose I'll see if I like it when the show actually, you know, shows up.

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