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And I got all excited when my eye caught the word "Protectobots" in the header of some thread over at TFW. Then I got sad when I realized that they were just dumb ol' repaints

Still, the nods to Fire Chief and Fly-Up... how odd. So far out from the left field, that is. I can appreciate the reference in spite of my disappointment.


The combiner teams look about as well as I expected them to be. Still, a mark up from the FOC Combaticons, though that probably isn't saying much. The proportions are better, at least with Superion. Not so much with Menasor.

The Aerialbots look alright, I guess. The deluxes seem a bit simplistic, don't they? Dig Skydive and Air Raid, though. And Silverbolt isn't too bad, but nothing to write home about.

Though the lone helicopter in the team of jets is kind of throwing my OCD for a loop. Getting a strong Blades vibe from this so-called Slingshot/Alpha Bravo fellow.

The Stunticons, though... eeeeeehhhh, I don't know. Blackjack's pretty nifty, and his reveal seems to be getting the most attention from the fandom -- which is flippin' hilarious, as he's the smallest, most simplistic of the set!
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