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Time for plan bee-weeoop
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Looking at the Menasor pics, I'm pretty certain that Motormaster is a repaint/remold of that Optimus (or t'other way round). Which would explain why Prime looked like he had combiner gimmickry. EDIT: Ok, reporting confirms that. Guess I should have read more before commenting.

I don't think they look awful, but I'm pretty sure the posing in those display cases isn't helping thing. Menasor's hips and legs look really funky with how he's standing there.
I think my interest is somewhat contingent on the existence of giftsets. I really don't want the Energon problem of putting together half a set and then never seeing the rest.

I'm a little perplexed by the Legends stuff. I mean Powerglide being a gun for Superion, Blackjack being Menasor's chest plate. Seems like and extra level of pain in the ass for completing the combiners. Superion would be fairly ok without a gun, but I have a feeling Menasor is gonna look funky without the chest plate. Wait and see for more info, I suppose.
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