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TFcon 3rd party panel news:


Lots of slides...

(Pretty good round-up of most of what 3P stuff is around these days.)


Looking through that lot, definitely not a fan of the other FP Dinobots (Slag, Swoop) revealed in colour there, although the Sludge is growing on me. The Skullcruncher homage is different, but I'm liking it in Alligator mode and would like to see colours on it (and glad to see the Function X Headmasters continuing, plus more realistic pricing if the Kapow pre-order for Sigma L is anything to go by). Nothing else particularly jumps out, but the KFC Scorponok style cassette is cute.

Impressed that someone's having a crack at doing the DJD.


Missed that silhouetted "Firing Pin" Impactor. Doesn't look as sharp as the iGear one teased a year or two ago, but prepared to keep an open mind...

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