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Hasbro is also doing a bunch of dinobots for the movie. Oh, you mean third party dinobots.

Yeah, we're drowning in choice at the moment. Here's hoping multiple third party groups haven't shot themselves in the foot financially by all doing dinobots at the same time. Several of these groups are new, I think... it'd be a shame for design talent to get screwed by circumstance.

Originally Posted by Thunderwave View Post
Animated Shockwave and the tank minicon from Generations Minicon assault team can hold his cannon in his hand.

There are also all the Megatrons who use their tank cannon as an arm cannon, as well as Movie Brawl and Classics Galvatron. Also while not 100% a tank, Classics Brawl's cannons become arm mounted.
Ah, so that's four! Yeah, I meant figures that use the barrel as a hand-held weapon. I'm omitting integrated weapons like shoulder cannons and arm guns.
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