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I think we're all ignoring one huge aspect of '14...the movie line.

We haven't seen more than one figure from a line that's going to run from May to possibly mid January
Frankly, DOTM is kind of a massively underwhelming affair both design and distribution wise, not to mention the toys available in the toyline. I do hope they either re-invigorate the movie line into something more akin to the first two movies, but if that's not an option my wallet will be happy that I'm only collecting Generations toys.

Star Saber.
I completely forgot this dude's getting a Masterpiece toy, though his shoehorned appearance in MTMTE kind of puts me of any chance of buying him at all.

Originally Posted by Skyquake
..I can't get into the new Beast Wars toys. I like that Hasbro have recognised the franchise does have a life outside of the 1984 cast, but...I like my Beast Wars toys as they are.
But not every one of us is fortunate enough to have Beast Wars toys. I really, really, really love Beast Wars, and yet the only show characters I can find are either broken second-hand figures, or ridiculously expensive because they feature the Telemocha or 10th Anniversary paintjob, or are gray-faced Waspinators and clear-plastic Infernos. And where I live, Beast Wars toys are extremely rare on the secondary market, and are upmarked to ridiculous amounts.

I mean, BW toys age really, really well. The bunch of (mostly non-show) Beast Wars toys I got are, I daresay, far more fun than a lot of the modern toys... but I certainly am far more excited with the prospect of a show-accurate Waspinator that doesn't cost a fortune, a Rattrap with proper articulation in robot mode and a Rhinox that isn't embarrassing.
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