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as a season finale, i thought it was pretty good. there was definitely the feeling of a lot of wasted opportunities with this third season though. there doesn't seem to have been much thought put into it after those very strong opening four episodes and we've just lapsed back into quests for macguffins. the 'beast hunters' angle has been totally redundant and unnecessary and not brought anything new to the series which seems a bit of a missed opportunity.

some good shooty fight scenes again in this episode, but it made me realise how underused a lot of the Autobot cast have been this season. The ones that have haven't been the most sparkling and engaging members either, thank f**k for Ratchet getting some good screen time in the run up to the finale. Not sure about his decision to stay on Earth. That seemed to come out of nowhere and surely he's more likely to be needed on Cybertron.

I also liked that the crucial fight between Optimus and Megatron was derailed by Bumblebee!
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